Named in rejection of the god-complex methodologies found within theatre, The Not-God Complex is a theatre company with a dual focus on performance-making and community engagement. Hosting a collective of performers and a freelancer’s network called The NGC Hub, the company centres their work around an aim for inclusive practice.

Zoë Glen


Zoë is a performance maker and researcher making work about witches, women and the wonders of human brains. She is an actor trainer and academic with a focus on inclusive pedagogy, and is interested in the the role of linguistics and rhetoric in constructing narratives. Zoë works in a multidisciplinary way, combining elements of music and poetry into her work.

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Billie Grace


Billie is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up between Zagreb, Croatia and London. She primarily works with dance and movement with an interest in queer and witchy theatre. Billie is constantly trying to expand her work into as many new fields as possible, asking herself where the confines of different categories of art lie; and why are they there in the first place.