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For a limited time only, The Not-God Complex are delighted to offer

you two Stream-able versions of our 2023 VAULT festival show 

All in Good Time. A video and an audio version!

This streamed video edition is interactive: you will be prompted to click through options as you go.  

The video version is fully captioned. We are excited to also be offering a fully audio version!

We are offering this online version on a Pay What You Can basis: Please pay what you can, in lieu of a ticket! All funds go towards our expenses for making the show...

Thank you for donating, please follow the link below to enjoy the show!


We want to make the show available to people who self-identify as neurodivergent, and those who cannot afford to pay. If this is you, please skip the payment step, and go straight to the show:



About the show:

All in Good Time is a post-modern celebration of ADHD experiences of time on stage. Filled with disco balls, glitter and hundreds of rubber ducks; this show is an ADHD time travel adventure which deconstructs our experience of time, and boldly puts neurodivergent traits on stage. Created by brains prone to tangents and non-linear thought, this piece subverts theatrical conventions in its pacing; refusing to translate the neurodivergent experience for the neurotypical gaze. 

Performed by:
Zoë Glen - Timelord
Billie Grace - Timelord

Rebeka Dió - Time Traveller

Sound and Lighting - Yuval Brigg
Projection - Gisela Mulindwa
Stage Manager - Alina Longmore
Produced by Eilidh Northridge

Filmed by Ben Prideaux
Edited by Billie Grace

All In Good Time:
Streamed Edition

Suggested prices are £5 / £8

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