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Karla Kostadinovski

Karla Kostadinovski

Annie Hall 034 RETOUCHED 10x8 WEB (1) -

Photograph by Elena Mikac


Who They are

Karla is currently FInishing a bachelor’s degree in Croatian language and literature and Czech language and literature. her First experiences with theatre were through puppet theatre and through taking drama classes at the Zagreb Youth Theatre and Teatar Tirena. She gained a different insight into theatre through her involvement with the radio station 'Radio Student', as the main editor and main host of the radio show called “Generalna proba” (meaning Dress Rehearsal); one of the few radio shows about theatre in Croatia and the only one that focuses primarily on the independent and/or alternative theatre scene. In 2018, she started working in the Service of Marketing, Sale and Public Relations at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb until she moved to prague for a semester at Charles University. She is currently working as a community manager for Theatre &TD in Zagreb and as editor-in-chief of the Cultural editorial staff at Radio Student.


  • Zagreb Youth Theatre and Teatar Tirena


Puppetry, Acting, Radio Drama, Theatre Journalism/Research




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