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Madeleine Webb

Madeleine Webb

Annie Hall 034 RETOUCHED 10x8 WEB (1) -

photograph by Robin Savage


Who They are

My name is Madeleine and I am a performer, qualified yoga teacher and trainee therapist. I worked as an actor/facilitator over 2 consecutive academic years with Pickles Company in France and Belgium, who specialise in teaching English through performance. I have also enjoyed teaching English in Italian summer camps through theatre and process drama with ACLE, Italy. I never thought that TIE would be such a passion of mine, but I love the fully interactive aspect of it, and the permission to be silly! I'm aiming to train as a dramatherapist one day, as I've seen how beneficial theatre, storytelling and movement can be in exploring different parts of our own stories. Until then, I'm working to develop my performance skills through attending workshops, acting in short films and and teaching English (in a somewhat theatrical way!)."

Madeleine is also a yoga teacher.



Children's Theatre/TIE




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