Current Projects

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(how do you talk about a) manless woman ?

This is the first stage of our practical research for the project/show How Do You Talk About a Manless Woman? (working title). An exploration of chrononormativity, heteronormativity and the reoccurring character trope of a woman who's husband leaves, found within women's literature. 

I talk with my friends at the witching hour

“I Talk with my Friends at the Witching Hour is a project which combines folklore and fact to examine the ableism and medical bias present in the medieval witch trials. We invite you to come and listen”


This is a documentary about hibernation, but it is set in my room, and the subject is me. This is a documentary about the myth of the Cailleachan, the Celtic goddess of winter Beira. It is set in my room, and I am on the camera, but the subject is not me.



Rites to Celebrate a Sun Goddess is a spoken word short fIlm - composed of clips shot in many different moments and edited over many different countries - this a collection of moments of appreciation for how Brigid shows up in our modern day lives, captured entirely on our phones.