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Resources - Activism and making activist theatre

Activism is an important topic now more than ever, and it might be something you're seeing a lot of at the moment with the Black Lives Matter movement, or with other current movements such as the FIght against climate change. Whether you are completely new to activism, or are well experienced and looking to be more effective or bring it into your creative practice, we hope there is something useful here for you. As always, we'd love for you to contact us if you have any suggestions of things to add! if you want to be the First to hear about our future lists, you can sign up to our mailing list, and you can FIND an archive of our past lists here!

Things to Watch

Things to watch

- This IGTV from Gina Martin about whether offIcial government petitions are effective

- This workshop from rowan ellis on being an activist

- We should all be feminists by chimamanda ngozi adichie

- be active, not an activist by saffIyah khan

- activism needs introverts by sarah corbett

Things to read

- This article on interactive theatre - drama as social intervention

This article on Art and Activism: Can it change the world

this post on activist fatigue, what it is and how to deal with it 

- This youth activist toolkit

- This post on saying no to performative activism

- These resources on anti-racism and allyship from transmission roundhouse

- These various interesting and useful blogs available from the centre for sustainable practice in the arts 

- these blogs on theatre in the age of climate change

- this blog from todos teatro with resources for how young people and children can get involved in activism

Things to read
Things to Do

Things to do

- Explore the Live Art Development Agency's resources, or in non-covid times visit their study room to learn about activist performance

- take an online course such as this one on art, activism and social movements

sign petitions! to start you off, a master list of petitions relating to the black lives matter movement can be found here

if you're aged 18-25, in England and making activist work, apply to the challenge and change fund (deadline:July 27th)

- if you're an organisation, look at sour lemons enabling environments programme to help turn your anti-racist statements into an action plan

- if you're an under-represented artist making work about climate change, apply for seasons for change - common ground launches  (Deadline: july 30th)

we hope this list has been useful for you, and we'd love to hear your thoughts and if you have any suggestions of things to add!

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