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Where to Find Opportunities

This months resource list is a list of where to fInd opportunities! This list contains useful website, social media profIles and organisations where you can fInd job opportunities, workshops and funding sources. These are some of our favourites, and as always we'd love to hear any suggestions you have of things to add - we'd love it if this could become a longer master list of good places to FIND opportunities. You can contact us here if you have any suggestions, and last months resource list on digital theatre and working virtually can be found here 


Creative Access is a great place to find arts jobs specifically for artists from marginalised backgrounds 

Unlimited have regular commissioning rounds for disabled artists and two yearly traineeships!


Part of the main have part of the grid - a series of affordable theatre related workshops with bursaries available for black artists

Monobox have some great free/low cost workshops!

The roundhouse have some great opportunities as part of their young creatives programme!

Creative youth is a charity with great opportunities for those aged 5-26!

SOcial Media

Run the Check is a great instagram to fInd job opportunities on!

The Early career artists and practitioners facebook group has some great opportunities for early career artists!

The devised theatre network facebook group has posts about workshops and opportunities for those working in devised theatre


THe 'Movement/Physical Theater workshops,classes and auditions' facebook group is great for physical theatre all over europe!

The Theatre Practitioners in London group for artists based in london!

Linda BloomfIeld's Opportunity Tuesdays are a must follow if you don't already - 10 paid or low cost arts opportunities most tuesdays!​

As always, we hope this was helpful for you, and we'd love to know your favourite places to look for opportunities! 

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