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What makes a body terrifying? 

A queer exploration of two strikingly similar folk tales: the Slavic Rusalke and the Celtic Selkies. These two folk tales centre around mythical sea-people - said to shed their skins and become dangerous, beautiful human-forms, who seduce sailors and lure them to their deaths. This piece explores how they use narrative and rhetorical devices to create fear, and how these parallel with the ways fear is generated against queer bodies.

Taking a curious approach, this piece asks questions about how we are persuaded to be scared of the sea, as a way of understanding how we are persuaded to be scared of others.

The Not-God Complex embrace this topic with a physical, multidisciplinary approach. The result is a show that plays with pace, structure and form. The company deftly uncover the lines been storytelling and real-life impact, between the sea and the land, between human and non-human, between straight and queer and between fear and safety. Drawing on elements of dance, theatre and poetry, this piece has something for any audience member willing to be open to questions.


2nd June - LONDON - The Drayton Arms // BOOK HERE

3rd June - LONDON - The Drayton Arms // BOOK HERE

15th June - NOTTINGHAM - Nonsuch Studio // BOOK HERE

8th July - YORK - Theatre @41 Monkgate // BOOK HERE

10th July - GLASGOW - Webster's Playhouse // BOOK HERE

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Designed by Iza Jem

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