Part of Vault Festival 2023

24th - 27th January // The Studio Theatre // The Vaults

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You know that we are celebrating because there is a countdown.

We don’t know what its for but we are excited.

Because we’re here today, to celebrate….time.

You know that we are celebrating, because we sent you an invitation.

Inviting you to join us, in whatever way, space, place and time you please.

Inviting you to tell us, to hear us, to sit in silence with us to give us your time or to take up ours.

All in Good Time is a celebration of divergent perspectives of time on stage; featuring movement, poetry, ADHD time travel, projection, (entirely optional) audience interaction, dodos, disco balls and whatever else we have time for.

This piece is based in ideas of neurodiversity, and ideas that we all experiences things - such as time - differently. Therefore, we are placing priority of access. As audience, you can create your own experience through interactive means, letting us know how you would like this experience of time to go.

All In Good Time - Press Image 3.jpg
NGC Time EDITED-9.jpg

Photos by Katie Ann Glen