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Resources for Creating Theatre Digitally

Lockdown has been a crash course in working virtually for everyone, and as a collective who are based all across Europe, remote working will be a big part of our practice - COVID or no COVID! There are so many challenges that come with working virtually, but other the last six months we've found some useful tools to make the process easier, and come across some interesting reading on the subject, so we wanted to share this list with you!

Useful Reading/Watching

- This blog from Sleepwalk Collective about working virtually during lockdown

This webinar on best practice for making theatre on zoom

- this article on if lockdown has shown us how to make theatre more international

- this research piece from the university of south wales gives useful examples of different forms                                                  digital theatre can take

- this blog by toby olié on making theatre in lockdown

- This list from theatre-ish of virtual educational theatre resources - useful for anyone teaching theatre online

- These tech recommendations for creating digital theatre for anyone looking to upgrade their technology! 

- this article on FINding a live audience in virtual theatre

- This article on working with clown and physical comedy online

- This list of the best free video editing softwares

Useful Reading/Watching

Useful Tools

- trello is a great way to keep track of ideas and to-do lists when working remotely, and allows for                                  boards to be edited by multiple people!

- Slack is a useful messaging app for the workplace if lockdown has had you spending too much time on                        social media and you want to keep work chat separate 

- Notion is a great digital workspace for working on creative projects - it lets you embed schedules,                                  reminders, spreadsheets, message other members of the team and even upload voice memos and                          videos all in one place (the basic version is free and the pro version is free with an academic email!

Final Cut Pro - For mac users, you can get a 90 day free trial of FINAL Cut Pro Video editing software at the                                    moment!

Google drive/one drive - for sending video Files back and forth, we've found uploading them to the drive to                                                      be the most efFicient option!

Useful Tools

We hope you found some things on this list useful, and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions of things we should add! While we may not be in complete lockdown anymore these are still strange times, and if you're in need of more resources to help you through such as where to FInd mental health support, you can fInd more on our earlier resource list for the pandemic.  We'll be back next month with a list of places to FIND arts OPportunities, so sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media to be the FIRst to know when it's here!

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